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Facts about the six-membered Korean band TEEN TOP and its members.

TEEN TOPC.A.PChunjiL.JoeNielRickyChangjo

L.Joe lived with his father in Korea before he joined TEEN TOP. His mother lives in the US.

Chunji ranked his appearance as only 10%, whereas L.Joe ranked himself as 2198000%.

On how attractive/good-looking they think their overall appearance is.

For Niel’s birthday last year, L.Joe stayed up at 3 AM to compose a birthday song for him.

In TEEN TOP’s dorm, Niel and Ricky are roommates since they’re the loudest members in the band.

C.A.P’s role models are Eminem, Ludacris and T.O.P (BIG BANG).

Did they ever state their ideal types?!?

Yes, they have! :)

Chunji’s ideal girl: Yuri (SNSD). He thinks she’s very pretty. He also says he likes girls with long hair.
L.Joe’s: Hyuna (4minute). She’s his senior from school. He likes girls who are cute and act cutely.
Changjo said Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) was his ideal girl when Teen Top were guests on Narsha’s radio last year. Also a girl who looks cute and pretty when smiling.
Ricky’s: Hyomin (T-ara). Someone who understands him/can communicate well with him and who acts cute.
Niel’s: Yuri (SNSD) and actress Nam Sangmi (1981). I’ve also heard he likes actress Seong Yuri (1984). A good-tempered and nice girl.
C.A.P’s: Someone with style and a personal charm. He likes Jihyun (4minute). Last summer he said he likes a singer with the initials H.J.Y. but as far as I know he hasn’t revealed who it is.

TEEN TOP's new music video for “향수 뿌리지마” (No More Perfume On You) is out!!

- 110726 TeenzOnTop YouTube

"TEEN TOP’s new music video for “향수뿌리지마” (No More Perfume On You) will be out at 12:00 PM KST on the 26th of July, 2011."

"Chunji would like to challenge a role like that of “High School Musical”."

- 100917 TEEN TOP in SSUPY Magazine
is chunji has a sister


I’m not sure Chunji has talked about any siblings yet. If I ever come across the information, I’ll make sure to post it! :)

On the teaser picture for TEEN TOP's upcoming new mini album, all six members are in their underwear.

— TEEN TOP official website

On the teaser picture for TEEN TOP's upcoming new mini album, all six members are in their underwear.

TEEN TOP official website


On their official website, TEEN TOP is listen as an abbreviation of the following:

T eenager
E moBoys
E moticon
N ext Generation

T alent
O bject
P raise


- TEEN TOP official website (Supa Luv layout)

"Chunji will be the lead male actor in TEEN TOP’s new music video."

"TEEN TOP will release a mini-album for their comeback. The mini-album is expected to be released on July 26th, 2011."

""Changjo" means "to create". Since he likes to dance so much, the name Changjo was made so that he could create a new world through dancing."

- 100718 Narsha’s Raise the Volume radio